My Buggy Buddy Lock

My Buggy Buddy Lock


The My Buggy Buddy Lock is an essential piece of pram kit and the answer to every parent’s prayers! It allows parents to carry bags on their prams and the combination lock means that it can be used to secure the pushchair to fences or railings to protect it against theft.

The loop shaped device could not be easier to use. It simply snaps on to the pram handle, is clipped together and the combination set. Only your unique number combination will release the lock and pram. With prams costing hundreds of pounds it is a brilliantly cost effective insurance policy.

  • Lockable clip to allow you to attach bags to your buggy

  • Combination lock to secure your buggy against theft

  • Easy to use, just clip in place and set the combination

  • Foam coating to hold the clip in place and protect your pram handle

  • Keeps your hands free to safely navigate and secures your buggy when you go indoors

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Multiple bags including shopping bags, changing bags and handbags can be strung onto the loop before the clip is locked back in place, putting an end to the frustrating and potentially dangerous practice of steering prams with one hand while holding bags with another. Obviously common sense is required so that you don’t overload your buggy!