Happy Scalp Cream by Kokoso

Happy Scalp Cream by Kokoso


Our innovative new Happy Scalp Cream™ is specially formulated to soften, soothe and smooth baby's delicate scalp with kind and gentle plant-based ingredients.

This calming rescue cream combines the amazing skincare powers of Kokoso Baby's moisturising organic coconut oil, soothing organic aloe vera and purifying celery seed extract. It works by naturally restoring the balance of both oily and/or dry skin to keep sensitive little heads happy and pure.

Safe to use from birth but equally brilliant for anyone in the family suffering with an unhappy scalp complaint.

Formulated with safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients, everything inside our Happy Scalp Cream™ is rated green on EWG's Skindeep® Database.


  • Easy application nozzle.

  • Lightweight fragrance-free consistency.

  • Apply morning and evening for as long as needed.

  • Leave on and apply consistently for best results.

  • Bathe as normal using our gentle Hair and Body Wash. Apply after bathing.

Key ingredients:

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Organic aloe vera

  • Natural celery seed extract

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